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Shing On Tsui : Legend of the Dragon Illustrations 50th Anniversary Exhibition


Bruce Lee was a kung fu legend who popularized Chinese kung fu abroad. He starred in a series of groundbreaking films and was regarded as one of the most influential figures of the 20th century. This year marks the 50th anniversary of Bruce Lee’s passing, and to commemorate this legendary kung fu master and actor, organized and presented by the Canada X Art and Culture Association, in collaboration with the Canada X Academy of Art and Design, the Shing On Tsui: Legend of the Dragon Illustrations’ 50th Anniversary Exhibition curated by Junxiang Shao and Pui Shan Li will come to Vancouver, Canada as the second stop of the touring exhibition. The exhibition features the renowned portrait artist and illustrator Shing On Tsui, known for his work on kung fu and Bruce Lee series. Following the success of the “The Legend of Dragon – Tsui Shing On Martial Arts Illustration Exhibition” in 2017, this collaboration aims to present Shing On Tsui’s original portraits and illustrations of Bruce Lee and offer a unique perspective on the legendary kung fu master’s life and impact. The exhibition will be held at the Canada X Academy of Art and Design from September 2nd to September 8th, 2023 and is free and open to the public. Join us in celebrating the legendary Bruce Lee through the exquisite and unique works of Shing On Tsui and experience the beauty of the fusion of art and kung fu.

Organized and circulated by the Canada X Arts and Culture Association in partnership with Canada X Academy of Art and Design and curated by Junxiang Shao and Pui Shan Li.



Shing On Tsui 崔成安


Shing On Tsui a native of Gaoyao County, Guangdong Province, moved to Hong Kong in the 1950s and studied Western and Chinese paintings at Linghai Art School. After his studies, he worked as a photographer and illustrator for companies such as Ming Pao Daily News and Sing Tao Newspaper, Jade Dynasty, TVB, Asia Television, Commercial Television, Radio Television Hong Kong, Orange Sky Golden Harvest, and the Cinema City. Tsui immigrated to Canada in 1997 and became a painting and drawing instructor for the Vancouver School Board and offered private lessons in his studio, as well as a consultant for various stage plays and TV programs. In 2003, Tsui won the championship of both the expert group and in the Central Fraser Valley’s Wood Carving Competition with a piece of wood burnings of Bruce Lee, which was the competitor’s choice. Shing On Tsui has contributed to many Hong Kong film posters in the past, such as Mr. Vampire, Eastern Condors, The Dragon from Russia, etc. Therefore, the artworks featured in this exhibition have a strong resonance with Bruce Lee’s past film posters.

Exhibitions 展覽:

2023 - 崔成安•龍的傳奇5O週年紀念畫展 (香港)

2018 - 俠義龍情作品展

2017 - 龍的傳奇:崔成安插畫武俠系列作品展

2012 - 半邊天傳奇:傳奇女性畫展

Publications 出版書籍:




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